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Safety Issues

Brisbane Trike Tours is an accredited and fully authorised and licenced tour operator business and carries liability insurance.

Helmets provided are all Australian standards approved. Whilst a wide range of sizes is kept on hand, the rider reserves the right to decline a tour if a properly fitting helmet is not available. A full refund will be made in this case. Passengers are free to bring their own helmets if they wish. We are required by law to have passengers wear protective clothing, so we recommend long pants and closed shoes. We provide motorcycle jackets and gloves. We also suggest safety lanyards to secure cameras or mobile phones during the tour.  For safety of the rider, passengers and other road users, we will not stop on busy roads to retrieve lost shoes, cameras etc.

The tours operate in wet weather, however if weather or other conditions are considered by the rider to have the potential to impact on the safety of passengers, tours may be cancelled or changed. Please see our refund policies for further information.

Except for very limited circumstances, and with each request considered on its merits, we do not undertake tours where the rider is required to be operating the trike during hours of darkness or in the hour or so just on or before sunrise or sunset.

For the safety of both the passengers and rider, and to comply with insurance and vehicle design requirements, the trike has a total passenger weight limit of 190kgs.

The minimum age for passengers is 10 and any passenger, regardless of age, must be able to reach the footrest with their feet.

Payment and cost information, Refund Policies and Tour Certificate policy

  • Payment in full within 7 days of the invoice date (or by the date requested by Brisbane Trike Tours for tours with less than 7 days’ notice) via PayPal, credit card or immediate bank transfer is required to confirm all bookings.  Credit card payments may incur a surcharge.
  • Packaged tour costs shown online are on a ‘starting from’ basis assuming Brisbane CBD or reasonably nearby suburban pick-up and drop-off locations.  Pick-up and drop-off locations which are a significant distance from Brisbane CBD may incur additional travel costs depending upon the circumstances, but in all cases we endeavour to be fair to all parties.
  • Where Brisbane Trike Tours cancel a tour for any reason other than inclement weather, a full refund of any monies paid will be made with no deduction for administration fees.
  • Tours cancelled by Brisbane Trike Tours due to inclement weather will be offered a rescheduled tour date, and this includes special occasion tours such as a birthday or anniversary tour where our passengers originally wished to tour on a particular date.  Passengers unable to reschedule due to having to return to an unreasonably remote location in Australia, or to a different country, will be provided a full refund less any credit or similar surcharges that apply.
  • Where the customer cancels a tour for any reason not less than two weeks prior to the tour date, a full refund of all monies paid, less a $25 administration fee, will be made.
  • Where the customer cancels a tour with a booking date for any reason less than *two weeks, but more than **48 hours,  prior to the tour date, 50% of the tour cost paid will be forfeited, unless the tour is rescheduled.
  • Where the customer cancels a tour with a booking date for any reason less than **48 hours prior to the tour date, or for ‘no shows’, a tour purchased as a surprise and the recipient refuses to tour, or the driver finds that information such as passenger weight or ability to fit into the trike was inaccurately provided by the customer resulting in the tour not being able to proceed, the entire tour cost paid will be forfeited.
  • In the event Brisbane Trike Tours is able to secure a replacement booking for a tour cancelled by the customer, we will refund in full, less a $25 administration fee and any difference in the cost of the original booking and any new replacement booking made for the same date when the original booking is not rescheduled.
  • In calculating cancellation dates and times for the above, Australian Eastern Standard Time is to be used.
  • Tour Certificates are issued on request when a specific tour has been purchased with a ‘to be advised’ future tour date and are valid for 6 months from issue date, i.e. the date on which the Tour Certificate was signed and validated by Christina McDonnell, Owner/Operator.  There will be no refund issued for expired or unused Tour Certificates, nor will we refund for a change of mind or if the recipient does not wish to tour.
  • Paid invoiced tours with a ‘to be advised’ tour date are valid for 6 months from the invoice date.  There will be no refund issued for tours not taken within 6 months of the paid invoice date.
  • Ultimate responsibility for arranging the taking up of Tour Certificates, or invoices with a ‘to be advised’ tour date,  rests with the purchaser, although Brisbane Trike Tours may, at their discretion, try to make contact to remind purchasers that the Tour Certificates or invoices are about to expire.
  • In the unlikely event of an incident rendering the tour vehicle inoperable, we will reschedule the entire tour regardless of how long the tour lasted before it was terminated.   Where a reschedule is not possible due to passengers needing to return interstate or overseas, a refund will be made on the basis that it will be made equal percentage-wise to the the remainder of the tour – for example, if a one hour tour costing $165 for two runs for just 30 minutes, then a refund of $82.50 will be made, and if the tour runs for 45 minutes, then a refund of $41.25 will be made.  In addition to this, Brisbane Trike Tours will arrange passenger transport to the previously agreed tour drop off location at our cost and by a method at our discretion considering distance, cost and transport availability.
* “two weeks” prior to the tour date means, for example, that if a tour is booked for 10am on Friday July 31 2015, then two weeks prior commences at 10am Friday July 17 2015.
**”48 hours prior to the tour date” means, for example, that if a tour is booked for 10am on Friday July 31 2015, then 48 hours prior commences at 10am on Wednesday July 29 2015.


People with disabilities

Because as a tour operator we have legislated obligations to ensure our passengers are not likely to present an unacceptable danger to themselves or others, we have further conditions to ensure the safety of passengers, the rider and other road users.

Generally speaking, and because we are restricted to taking passengers aged 10 and over, and the law recognises that at age 10 persons are able to be legally responsible for their actions, we ask that our intellectually challenged passengers also have a mental age of 10 or over, be able to comprehend danger, follow instructions for their safety and be able to control their behaviours so they are not likely impact on the rider’s ability to safely control the trike.

Passengers with physical disabilities need to be able to sit up unaided and have neck muscle strength sufficient to support the weight of a crash helmet, keeping in mind that g-forces involved in manoeuvres such as sudden braking would result in even more stress on neck muscles than just sitting still and wearing a helmet.

Whilst our trike presents less risk than a two-wheeled motorcycle, it is still an open vehicle and very different to sitting in an enclosed car.

If we have been advised prior that the above terms and conditions are met but on arrival the rider determines that a passenger cannot safely tour because they do not meet the guidelines set out, the tour will not proceed and a refund will not be provided.

Visual impaired passengers can tour and their enjoyment will need to be assessed by them personally as it is impossible for us to determine their visual acuity. If you are reading this for a visually impaired friend, relative or colleague, please let them know that we are more than happy to go over the written content of this website with them personally if they are having difficulty navigating it for themselves and take as long as necessary to do so.