***COVID-19 TEMPORARY SPECIAL CONDITION : Whether or not current restrictions preventing us from undertaking ANY tours for the time being are lifted, passengers who require hands-on assistance with riding gear or getting on or off the trike will not be able to tour with us for entire the duration of the COVID-19 crisis***

Because as a tour operator we have legislated obligations to ensure our passengers are not likely to present an unacceptable danger to themselves or others, we have further conditions to ensure the safety of passengers, the rider and other road users.

Generally speaking, and because we are restricted to taking passengers aged 10 and over, and the law recognises that at age 10 persons are able to be legally responsible for their actions, we ask that our intellectually challenged passengers also have a mental age of 10 or over, be able to comprehend danger, follow instructions for their safety and be able to control their behaviours so they are not likely impact on the rider’s ability to safely control the trike.

Passengers with physical disabilities need to be able to sit up unaided and have neck muscle strength sufficient to support the weight of a crash helmet, keeping in mind that g-forces involved in manoeuvres such as sudden braking would result in even more stress on neck muscles than just sitting still and wearing a helmet.

Whilst our trike presents less risk than a two-wheeled motorcycle, it is still an open vehicle and very different to sitting in an enclosed car.

If we have been advised prior that the above terms and conditions are met but on arrival the rider determines that a passenger cannot safely tour because they do not meet the guidelines set out, the tour will not proceed and a refund will not be provided.

Visual impaired passengers can tour and their enjoyment will need to be assessed by them personally as it is impossible for us to determine their visual acuity. If you are reading this for a visually impaired friend, relative or colleague, please let them know that we are more than happy to go over the written content of this website with them personally if they are having difficulty navigating it for themselves and take as long as necessary to do so.