Price: All rates on application and based on our normal hourly rate calculations.

Christmas lights Noel_Emma_Story_Bridge Shelby and PeteJacarandaEmmaNoel_22Weddings – arrive at your wedding and/or reception in style!   More than just the bride and groom?  With notice we can also arrange two additional luxury vehicles with our colleagues at Prestige Day Tours (  which seat up to seven passengers each (subject to vehicle choice) – our beautiful ‘Bling Queen’ trike is also available for photos only – we charge no more for weddings for the trike than our usual hourly rate too!  N.B. Helmets are mandatory on The Bling Queen trike.

Formals – get to your formal in style!

Proposals – We can help you make this a memorable occasion by taking you to your special place in style – how can they say no?

Jacaranda Festival – enjoy the unique experience of riding through a lilac coloured haze of beautiful petal covered and tree-lined streets and smell the Jacaranda’s gentle perfume – rates depend on whether we visit local Brisbane streets or travel to Grafton (NSW) during their famous Jacaranda Festival season.

Christmas Lights – enjoy seeing the annual Brisbane Christmas Lights competition winners on a balmy sub-tropical evening in the open air without all the hassle of manoeuvring your car in tight streets – be free to choose which streets you want to visit.

Impressive arrivals or departures – make an entrance to your next big party or event and arrive or leave in style! You’ll have plenty of envious looks and photo op’s to remember the event.

Short joyrides for party guests or fetes etc – we are available for hire for private parties to give guests short 5-10 minute joyrides ‘around the block’ at a set hourly rate. Suitable for fundraising at fetes and other events – we charge you an agreed hourly rate and you charge for individual joyrides and keep the difference.

Gift vouchers – available for purchase to be used within six months (or as noted on voucher).

Custom tours – although all our tours can be modified to suit, we will also formulate and quote a custom tour just for you at no extra charge.  All part of our service!